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Internet advertising is cost effective and rivals the power of traditional media that provides a powerful new advertising opportunity. Target your message nationwide or to a specific market.

Today's Believer's compelling content attracts a loyal, upscale and unduplicated audience. This offers advertisers an exceptional opportunity to connect to unique audiences otherwise unreachable.

Your ad on Today's Believer puts you in front of consumers with the desire and means to buy your products and services.

You can advertise your conference or event, CDs, DVDs, Tapes, Ministry Materials, etc. It's your choice. As long as your product does not contain subject matter that goes against our Christian beliefs you may advertise with us.

Include full name, email address and phone number when submitting an ad via email to ads@todaysbeliever.org.

The cost of the ad will be determined by the space occupied by the ad and the length of time it is online. Ad discounts are available. See pricing information below.

We try to be a blessing and we will go that extra mile to help. It is true that we want your business, but it is truer that we want you to be happy.


Advertising with us means you agree with the policy above.

All ads are welcome (Books, CDs, DVDs, Business Opportunities, Services, etc.) as long as they do not compromise the teachings of Jesus Christ! Client must supply images.

All ads must follow these general:


Layout Width x Height (pixels) Index Page only Index Page + Every article in any two selected categories

Button 125 x 125 Yes Yes
Half Banner 234 x 60 '' ''
Full Banner 468 x 60 '' ''
Vertical Banner 120 x 240 '' ''
Small Square 200 x 200 '' ''
Square 250 x 250 '' ''
Small Rectangle 180 x 150 '' ''
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 '' ''

Media Type
.SWF or Rich Media 300 x 250 Yes Yes

TB Special Ad Types
TB Extra Small 180 x 60 Yes Yes
TB Rectangle 180 x 120 '' ''
TB Square 180 x 180 '' ''
TB Vertical Rectangle 180 x 240 '' ''

Please email us at ads@todaysbeliever.org to have a representative contact you. Thank you.

Prepare your own .gif or .jpg image or art using the pixel measurements above. We reserve the right to reject the use of any image, at our sole discretion, for any reason. Please be sure to include a URL for todaysbeliever.org to link to from your ad.

Please send all images/artwork and other materials to ads@todaysbeliever.org. All images/artwork or .swf/rich media must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the online publication date.

Payment is due at the time you place your advertising order.

Please submit any ad inquiries or materials to ads@todaysbeliever.org to ensure a quick response. Thank you for doing business with us. God bless you.

To have a representative todaysbeliever.org contact you, please email us at ads@ todaysbeliever.org.

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