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In today's fast-paced world, believers face challenges different from the past. They sometimes make life hard to understand and difficult to connect to biblical wisdom. They demand a great degree of Biblical wisdom and understanding to successfully tackle them. We long for answers which can often be elusive and out-of-reach. Today's Believer is a ministry that looks to provide the tools to help face these challenges, "equipping you for daily living in today's era." We're excited to share this ministry with you! We believe God has brought you to the right place. Join our Discussion Forum. It's a great place to ask questions or seek support from others with similar experiences.

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Featured Articles

God is Faithful to Fulfill What He Has Promised to You
Sometimes we forget God's promise in our life. He is faithful to fulfill what he said to us.

Marriage, Family and Relationships

Dear Woman of God, Revival Is In Your Heart
The words entered my spirit as I was listening to an inspirational teaching at an annual intercessory conference. I was quite taken aback by the truth. Never before did I consider myself as a source of revival.

Personal Finance

Tithes and Offerings Today: Blessings and Dangers
What does the Bible say about tithes and offerings today?


Preachers Enjoying Style Over Substance
Sometimes I get the sense that some preachers preach just to hear themselves preach; in particular those on TV and radio. The emphasis on speaking in a cadence, or in a sing/song manner; or punctuating the end of sentences and phrases with an exaggerated burst of breath or an organ note, oftentimes obscures what's being said.


Not My Own
It's tempting, even in recovery to say things like, "God wants me to take care of my body," or, "My body is a gift from God." While these are nice affirmations, they are theologically incorrect.


The Body
Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: - Proverbs 31:30a.

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